Getting Started…

How to Use the Monthly Mockups 

Check back each month for newly added mockups, and templates.  

◀ To get started, click Categories in the top menu bar or select the category from the menu on the left.

Let’s get started:

1. Log in to Canva (If you don’t have one set up click here to sign up). 

Which Canva account is right for you? 

  • Free Canva Account
  • Canva Pro Account
  • Canva Pro for Education Account

You can use the free account to access the mockups in the membership.  I have to say Canva Pro is well worth it for all the options you get!  Canva Pro you have a premium each month whereas Canva Pro for Education is free with a school email.  The difference between Canva Pro and Canva Pro for Education is that it’s against Canva’s terms of use to use the education account for commercial purposes.  This means that you are not allowed to create printable materials/downloads/worksheets to sell using this account.  When in doubt, go with the Canva Pro account.

2. Click on the image/template you’d like to use

3. After clicking on the image, a new window will appear.  Click the “use template” button and it will redirect you to the image/template in Canva.

The first time you open the master file in Canva, you need to click on the file, “Use template” and it will automatically make a copy and add it to your designs in Canva.

I recommend you create a folder system that you organize your downloads by type or month.  This will allow you to access the templates quickly.  No worries, if you can’t find the template as you will have access to it to re-download the template in the membership portal.  

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