Adding Elements to a Folder

Each month organize your elements into a folder for easy access when creating graphics.  You’ll need to create the folder before adding the elements into folders.  

Adding elements to a folder…

* Click each element one at a time

* Click on the circle with the “i” in the top menu bar

* Click “add to folder”

* Locate the corresponding folder for the guide

* Click the arrow to the right and then “Add to folder”

View the folder to access all the elements; for each element drag and drop when creating graphics.  

PRO TIP: To get the folder to show up on the left sidebar, click the 3 dots and select the “folders”, then select the folder you want to view.  It will automatically show up on the left menu bar.  Please note, if you have the “folders” icon on the left sidebar, select the folder you’d like and it will also be added to the sidebar.