How to batch create content

Have you ever considered batch creating content?  Everyone is talking about it and you think it’s amazing but there’s no way you have the time to do it!  

That’s what I thought when I first heard about it.  I’ve seen all the Insta-worthy batching pictures of people with content planned out for the year and I was like HOW?!?!?!

Here’s what you need to do to batch create content…
* Establish a brand strategy first
* Have dedicated work time
* Create a schedule
* Use templates to create

What is batching?

Batching is a productivity technique where you group similar tasks to complete in one sitting.  Instead of going back and forth to complete an entire list of tasks in a workflow, you focus on one specific activity at a time.  

This streamlines the process and you get more done in less time.  In other words,

Batching = Bulk Creating 

Batching is literally bulk creating more content in less time, which results in less stress and overwhelm!

Now how do we do it all?  

Here’s the secret…. In order to batch tasks, it must be manageable for you.  It’s not a one size fits all!  We are all in different stages in life, married, children, teaching, running an online business, cooking, cleaning, working on our business part-time or full-time, all the things!  Batching works for all aspects in an organized life.  I literally batch my laundry!  But you must keep in mind your process will look different from someone else’s process, it’s unique to your situation. 

Establish a brand strategy

A couple of weeks ago, I chatted about brand strategy and how establishing your brand strategy will make it easier for you to communicate your messaging, thus making it easier to create content especially your social media content.  If you don’t have this brainstormed out, go back and read Brand Strategy for Teacher Authors.

Now that you have your brand strategy down,  you can start creating a system on batch creating content {this is my favorite part}!  This is life changing, why?  Because it is going to save you a TON of time, not to mention no more posting randomly just to post.  Your content will be clear and have a focus to take your followers on a  journey that will hopefully end with a sale. 

How to create a system for batching

Determine dedicated work time 

To start batching, you must first determine when you are able to work.  Grab a calendar and determine when and how many hours per day you can dedicate to work.  Then you create a list of tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  Group like tasks together, for instance, writing a blog post and social media content can be grouped together as well as blog graphics and social media graphics can also be grouped together.

Create a schedule

Create a schedule with assigned tasks.  List out all the steps involved in content creation from start to finish.  Then you can assign tasks for each day of the week that you will batch create. 

Simple Schedule:
Monday – Content
Tuesday – Graphics
Wednesday – Schedule

You can batch create for a week, a month or 2 months.  Whatever works best for you.  I would recommend you start off slow.  Work on a system for a week and when you get really good at batching content for a week try it for a month.

Use templates to create

Creating templates for all the tasks you need to complete is key to batch creating content even faster.  

Literally, you can have a template to outline and write your post so all you are doing is filling in the information.  My favorite is having templates to create graphics!  Having a template is half the battle.  Once you have your content done and you move on to the visual assets it’s as easy as adding text, changing the colors to match your brand and it’s ready to schedule!  

Looking for templates to make the process super easy?

The DIY Teacherpreneur is a template monthly subscription.  Each month you get a new set of Canva templates and an element guide.  I love the templates, but the elements guide is GOLD!  The guide is a catalog style of elements that you can copy and paste into your design.  It’s all about saving time, with this guide you have the cutest elements in one place.  No more spending hours looking for the perfect element.  Many of the elements you can adjust the color to match your brand, I know it’s AMAZING!

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Let’s Review

Batch create content by….
* Establishing a brand strategy first
* Have dedicated work time
* Create a schedule
* Use templates to create