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Ever feel like marketing is one big puzzle? That’s where Socially Sabrina comes in with Socially Sprinkles! We share simple tips and sprinkle in some Canva magic, making marketing easy and fun. Perfect for business owners ready to make their marketing sparkle and shine. Join the Socially Sprinkles family and let’s create marketing magic together! ✨

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Ready to add some sparkle to your content? Our professionally designed clipart and templates are here to save you time and elevate your brand. With ready-to-use designs, you can create stunning content effortlessly. Dive in and see how our templates can make your marketing shine!

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$27 per month

Say hello to The Business Resource Vault – your go-to toolkit for all things marketing! Packed with Canva social media templates, lead generation templates, stock photos, website themes, and more, it’s designed to make your marketing tasks simple and fun. Join us and never start from scratch again!

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Ready to see your business sparkle? Our all-in-one marketing and design services have got you covered. From social media management to email campaigns and stunning designs, our team handles the details so you can focus on what you love. Discover how we can make your marketing shine and succeed!

With a knack for simplifying marketing tasks, Sabrina provides a range of easy-to-use templates, valuable resources, and top-notch support services. She’s on a mission to make marketing a breeze, so you can focus on doing what you love most.

Living her dream every day, Sabrina’s passion for creating is contagious. With a touch of sparkle and a lot of caffeine, she’s here to brighten your day and empower you to shine in the vast world of digital marketing.

Join the Socially Sabrina family and let the journey of simplified marketing begin. Together, we’ll conquer your business marketing, one brilliant task at a time!


Hello, I'm Sabrina

Meet Sabrina, the mastermind behind Socially Sabrina. Formerly a kindergarten teacher for 10 years, she discovered her hidden superpower—design, and marketing. Her days were spent nurturing and teaching 5-year-olds, and on the weekends, she immersed herself in the world of design and digital marketing. Fast forward 6 years, and she’s turned her passion into reality, creating marketing magic and helping business owners conquer the digital marketing domains with ease.

"I love all of your templates and they are fantastic!".

"These are such high quality and make it so easy to create thumbnails and previews! Thanks for your hard work!"

"This resource was exactly what I needed to get started making my own video previews and learning Canva! Thanks so much!"